Street Smart + Play
Street Smart flashcards and the Street Play game were created in partnership with NYC design firm, TODA, and start up online book company, DERT. The objective of the project is to expand cultural literacy awareness to middle school students by use of literacy tools. Topics include literature, poetry, painting, sculpture, theater, architecture, music, photography, and film.

Inspired by activism in graffiti and chalk art, Street Smart flashcards provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in humanities-based topics such as literature, music, and visual arts. The students are drawn in by quotes from influential people which they can later use as stencils and share with others. The accompanying Street Play game builds on the knowledge acquired by students using the Street Smart flashcards. The game has students race to make matches using cards listing categories such as film and descriptors like smart or tall. The player who collects the most cards wins.

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